New York, NY, USA


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I almost went to med school but luckily found my real passion, data science! 

Before data science, I had fallen in love with psychology, so I decided to get a Bachelor of Since in it. Coincidentally, it was because of psychology that I found out about data science. Other things I care for passionately are women's rights, environmental justice, and socialism (hate me, it's fine. I'm not a people pleaser).

If you wish to know more about me you may 

To check out my data science projects                  , and I may see you on the dark side of the moon. 

New York, NY, USA

Perfect Spotify Playlist

creating perfect playlists from liked songs library, using python, because creating a playlist is hard.

Misinformation identifier 

creating an app that identifies misinformation with a 91.4% accuracy.

house value predictor

developing a product that will quickly price a consumer's house with an interpretable confidence range


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