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let me tell you a tiny bit about me,

I am not a natural redhead, I am merely obsessed with Jim Morrison, and much like all the women who've ever been infatuated with him, I dyed my hair red so that I can look more like Pamela Courson. That was a made-up story, truth is I dyed my hair red on accident in 2015, and it seemed to match my personality very well! Also, since I was 6-years-old, I cared too much for the environment and have recently been obsessed with the color green, I kind of feel like Poison Ivy wearing many green cloths and letting my copper hair down! But the similarities don't end there (don't be alarmed, I don't have a poisonous touch... that I know of). As I mentioned, I am a bit too hardcore when it comes to the environment and prevention of global warming; in fact, so much so that my childhood nickname was "Global Warming." I would always worry about how we are hurting the planet and spat-up facts about how harmful some products are and what are alternatives. This habit has stuck with me until now, which is much better than my other infamous but rightful childhood nickname of "jungle boy." Rest assured, I no longer jump from sofa to sofa, dressed as him, screaming off the top of my lounges anymore. As a matter of fact, the only things I have in common with the jungle boy anymore are my bangs and.... figure (yes I see it too, no, I'm not mad at it!)

So now that I covered some basic facts about myself, like my obsession with rock n roll, the environment, and my hair, let's get to some more serious stuff. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, so you could tell I'm the perfect Harley Quinn/ Poison Ivy hybrid, in case you were looking for one. BUT I do not have a Ph.D. like both of the mentioned ladies. I was going to be a medical doctor, practicing psychiatry, but I fell in love with "Data" first week of taking Research and Data. I knew right away, I want a career involving manipulation of data, and that's how I became a Data Scientist.

One last DC comics reference, and I swear to all things holly I will never bring it up again. As you might have noticed, I did not make any comparisons of myself to Catwomen, because I am a DOG person. I firmly believe, "ALL DOGS ARE PERFECT DOGS, but mine is the best." However, cats seem to be
a massive fan of mine, so I'm trying to stop disliking them!

Now that you know a little about me, you should hop on the yellow bus and join me in the ride to discovering more about psychology, music, books, data, and all things related to ethical and sustainable living!


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