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April 28, 2018



So I quit my job like a month ago. The more I want to regret my decision the more I get to appreciate the whole experience. I don't want to be unfair or ungrateful and bad talk the entire experience, because quite frankly everything was great. For those of you who didn't know what I did, I used to work at an EXTREMELY BUSY pharmacy! We're talking doctor's offices, and hospitals and nursing homes, families with sick children, elderlies, seasonal allergies and sicknesses... the list goes on and on! 

I started working there because I was considering pharmacy school and I did not want to have a job that was unrelated to what I was going to do in the future. 

I  cannot express enough gratitude or all the useful knowledge I earned in the two years of working there, And I did enjoy what I did; I LOVED every minute of it.  Even dealing with difficult patients that usually treated us like we were trying to kill them, to racist and sexist sick people picking up medications. (ok, I didn't enjoy that, but I ALWAYS kept my cool when it was time to deal with them.) And I Used to be praised by my managers because of that until the management changed and new people came in and not only did I have to work twice as hard, but I had no support from administration.

I remember two obvious cases of racism and a couple of sexism, which my manager said was fine "because the customer is always right"!

So this one Monday I went in a little late thanks to Atlanta's Traffic,  and the manager was very rude in front of patients, so I impulsively resigned. Went home, naped with my pup and had ice cream!  Called my mom and she told me it was alright, and now I could focus on school and look for something more in line with my field of study.

So far it has been a few weeks that I am free with my time, and last night I felt detached from me. I work out, eat healthily, meditate, laugh, and love myself, so what could it be?

I realized I do not like to be unproductive, and I need ed to get back in touch with my creative side again. Then I remembered, I have a blog I had not update in a year!!! So here I am now! 










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