OH, The Irony!

May 6, 2018


So at the beginning of the month, I moved to a new place, across the street from where I used to live. It is a much nicer place, It has hardwood floors (I'm a sucker for hardwood floors), and lots of natural sunlight coming in ( which I'm hoping would keep my plants happy). 


But the only downside to it is that the master bathroom doesn't have a bathtub. If anyone knows me knows how much I love taking baths. In fact I rarely ever take showers!  So now whenever I want to take a bath, I'd have to go to the guest bathroom. I probably would get myself a vintage bathtub someday, but I rent! 


Anyways, a newer fact about me that I discovered not too long ago, is that I am probably OCD; And no I am not even a germophobic, and yes my life literally falls apart when my place is messy. I lose all inspiration, procrastinate, angry, and even cry! I probably cried four times a day since the moved just because the place is unorganized and I couldn't motivate myself to clean up, BECAUSE THE PLACE WAS UNORGANIZED! Oh, the irony! 


OCD is probably nothing new in my life. Growing up I was MESSY, but I knew where everything was. We had a housekeeper (because both of my parents worked), and I hated it when she cleaned my room or did my laundry. Bless her heart; she did not know where specific books went and would not color coordinate my clothes before putting them back in my wardrobe!!!!! And that ALWAYS drove me nuts. 


Also when if I ever go an hour without washing and drying my hands properly, I feel like I am holing an extremely hevy object in each and therefore, can't use them for anything else.


Long story short, I managed to catch a cold, and have internet connection issues (are we even alive if we don't ever have internet problems in the 21st century anymore?)!!!! And even the thought of the state of my place bugged me yet alone living it! But I overcome all of it this morning! I woke up, and before even leaving my bedroom I started cleaning up. It took me a couple of hours to get everything organized as I wanted, but time well spent! I'm already feeling A LOT better! I feel hopeful and optimistic, the blue, dark cloud is finally lifted from my spirit, and once again feel like I could concur the world if I ever wanted! 


Oh, and as for my internet, you won't believe it, but my next door neighbor gave me her wifi password! Talk a real-life heroine! 



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