May 12, 2018


So let me tell you the tragic story of my little girl, Lexus. Ever since I laid eyes on a Lexus SC430, I knew that is the car for me. 

What were my reasons for it? Well, I'm glad you asked! First of all, it is a Lexus! Secondly, it is a convertible!!!!! And I don't know about you, but since I was a little girl (growing up with an older brother), I always yearned for a convertible. And lastly the dork that I am, and my LOVE for Hozier, I wanted a Lexus thanks to his "Jakie and Wilson" song where he says: 

"We'll steal her LEXUS, be detectives, ride round pickin' up clues"... yes, my solid consuming logic! 

Eventually, it came down to buying a car, and I had two options, My little Lexus, or a Mercedes SLK 250. and the choice was never easier... it wasn't all that easy either! The SLK was black; Top Gear had rated much better than the SC. But it did not have an extra set of seats at the back where I cannot seat people, but I can shove a couple of dogs in if I ever wished! Also, I couldn't get the song out of my head. I thought to myself well I will call whatever car I buy "LEXUS" but eventually really fell in love with the SC and had to call it mine! 

I would lie if I said t had always been a smooth ride with my girl. In the beginning, I had issues with its batty, and it would die on my left and right. Not only was it incredibly uncomfortable, but it was also semi-embarrassing and inconvenient. But that wasn't anything the dealer couldn't fix. And I have to say since the battery drama; everything was perfect about my little girl. Until today when I was coming back home with Teddy riding shotgun, and the chic in front of me slammed on her breaks. Since I wasn't going very fast, I thought I could slow down enough to not hit the car, but I was mistaken. I did run the car, VERY SLOWLY, but to my surprise, I saw my hood folding in front of my eyes! The first thing I heard myself say was: "WHY UNIVERSE?"  then I remembered, earlier the weekend I read my weekend Horoscope (i'm a Virgo), and it said I should look for some "financial disaster" coming my way this weekend!!! And there it was!!! I will NEVER READ HOROSCOPES AGAIN!!!!

So my car is in the towing garage now, and I'm dead worried about her! She was my first car! And you know what they say about your first!? I was too heartbroken I couldn't even get myself to take a picture of her in that situation. Hence, I will be posting a few random pictures I had with her! 

Happier News From last week, Teddy turned three yesterday (Friday 5/11)!!! my baby is growing up and maturing in front of me, and I am forever grateful for that! So watch out for the pictures for Teddy in my car! 









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