Staying Positive

May 27, 2018



Why was I gone the last two weeks? What was I up to? Well, I was going back and forth with my insurance. Dealing with lots of paperwork for my school,  and getting ready for my upcoming Europe trip; and to be quite frank, I was very uninspired. 

My insurance decreed my car a total loss. Although I disagree, after fighting with them for two weeks, they gave me no more option than giving in and accepting the settlement that seems very unreasonable. I am trying to stay positive and think of the accident as an event that could have a happy ending; I have to wait and see. 

Maybe I'll finally move to New York City. Perhaps I will move to Europe, or I'll get another Lexus SC 430 again! We'll find out soon!

I was finally able to convince my school to classify me as an in-state student!!! So YAYYYY for that! But on the more difficult side of the paperwork comes my unexpected withdrew. My school had randomly withdrawn me from my class I had worked so hard for the past five months! I will get an answer by next Friday if they could reinstate me in my class and change my W with the A, I received in the course. 



I did start working out again and playing around with my crystals yesterday. Last night I dreamed of an old person I used to know... so whatever that means we shall see! I will try and get back to my regular meditating routine.

But for now, I have to try and stay positive and hope that anything is happening for a reason! 










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