My Best Friend!

June 4, 2018

Ok so this is something I don't talk about too often, or I talk about it a lot, I don't know. But the thing is that I'm a very picky person! Like unacceptably picky, and it comes off in all parts of my life. How picky might you ask? Well, it is no mystery that Atlanta and Georgia in general, has many good schools, but when it came to my college application, I narrowed my choices too much that I was left with only one school, and lucky for me they accepted me! Or I barely ever listen to radio anymore, because I can't stand anything that pops on the radio, and the music I like and enjoy hardly ever comes up!
But that's normal, and many of you might be the same as me and understand where I'm coming from. The one thing that is a little hurting me is the fact that I choose not to click with so many people only because I'm that picky! I mean here's the thing, I barely hang out with a person if they don't check out like 99.9% of the boxes for me! It's really tough to find a person like that!

All it takes for me to lose all interest in a person is their lack of interest in a song I'm listening to, or if we're not on the same page when it comes to my strong political, social and spiritual beliefs! I'm mostly talking about friendships; as they are the second most important relationships we have, after our families. I must I un-proudly but strongly declare that It's difficult for me to find friends. I basically want a friend that's JUST like me, or even worst it is me!!!! 

Now having interest in many old, vintage and quirky things, it's not an easy task to find the one gal whom I can call a friend. I mean besides Marmar who's been my best friend since god knows when (even though she is an ocean and two continents away from me) I feel the need to find someone who I can rock to some Velvet Underground or The Smiths with, and we can sing out loud to the doors! That cool fellow who isn't always on her phone when we're hanging out and doesn't have to take one million selfies of every activity we're participating in, and does not sacrifice a good conversation!
I know I'm asking for too much, but sometimes I think I might be picky on purpose, maybe I just love spending time alone with my pup so much that it takes me some serious consideration to hang out with a person! But when it comes to Teddy he truly is my best friend! 






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