Same Old New Year's Crap!

January 11, 2019

Ok so it has been quite the hot minute since the last time I even attempted to write something on my blog, and it is crazy considering how much I enjoy writing!

But the truth of the matter is that I did go on a two and a half month trip and I just decided not to bother myself with any social media for the longest. And when I came back, everything was in such good shape (the romance and education part of my life at least) that I even forgot I had a life outside of all that!



So I was dating this guy, whom for the first time in such a long time seemed to be "DA ONE." I mean this guy took care of Teddy while I was gone, was always up to hang out even if he was exhausted, and for my birthday he got me a working vintage typewriter! I had only once mentioned to him that I would love to have an actual working typewriter before I even went on this trip, and like three months or so later he remembered and went through the trouble of driving 45 minutes out of tune to pick this fantastic gift up for me! He waited for the 2 and a half month without furniture so we could go furniture shopping together, and the overall just seemed like he is invested in this relationship as much as I am! Long story short, things did not work out between us, and after a lot of considerations, I decided to break things off by the end of October.



As for my school, I was taking a full-time class load for the first time in god knows how long, (thank you in-state tuition and financial aid for making that possible ) and I was quite busy and to be quite honest enjoying every moment of it. I did make 3 As and a B+ so I can safely say this past semester was such a success and just a confidence boost. 



For a brief  moment (possibly a month) I decided to give the all favorite American career of waiting a chance, and after soon realizing that I do not wish to waste any more of my time working with, 40 something years old, almost pedophile, non-educated, dudes who seem to be running some sort of mob at the job I decide to quit. Although I have to be quite honest and admit that the hours were too sweet (7 am -2 pm), and had I stayed there longer they would have even paid my tuition. But I want to spend my time with and around people who can contribute something to my life.



Anyways, things were kind of alright, even great if I may say so myself, until the very end of the year. Having been done with the semester, I thought I would have all the more time to put into my social media, but alas… thanks to the car-depended lifestyle of Atlanta. And as you may have remembered, I had totaled my car not so long ago (honestly it’s alright if you don’t… after all, I was gone for like half a year!) I was stuck at home all day every day, and not only I but also Teddy cough the terrible winter blues. I mean at some point my most significant accomplishment was leaving my bed, and journeying down to the kitchen and back to the bed again! So I become extremely uninspired to do anything creative! And thanks to Hozier (just read the blog about my car, and I swear everything will make a whole lot more sense) I’m still on the prey of a good Lexus SC430, and I refuse to settle for anything else. Hence, I am currently and still car-less!



Anyways, I was rambling on for so long to say that by the end of 2018 I was in a very dark place, still am (I mean it’s 4:30 am, and here I am). And having had overspend on too many boots and coats and just overall, all the things that I probably will never be able to use living in Atlanta; I decided that in the new year I will only buy 12 non-essential items the entire year! I know this is a massive commitment for a shopaholic like myself, but it is now ten days into the new year, and I have overcome ALL the urges of shopping thus far, YAY ME! ( ok just a side note here, it is official day 11 of 2019, but for the sake of keeping the number wholesome let’s pretend I wrote this yesterday).​



Also, all this free time, and NOTHING to do, made me obsessed with my body image, (like any other young adult in times of boredom) so that did not help with the seasonal affective disorder either! Oh and the warm weather for the 12th month straight makes me want to pull out my hair, and I stare at my 50+ jackets and coats, and I feel like I want to scream at the sun to go away. But then it does, and we get like two weeks of non stop rain! So yeah that is FUN!  Anyways, I did I start working out regularly (5 days out of 10, not too bad for starting up and building habit I think). I obviously haven’t seen a drastic difference or anything (DUH!) but hopefully the working out and me cutting down on my hormonal intake in and other prescription medicine I will lose the couple inches I gained around my waist, so I won’t have to buy a whole new bottoms wardrobe.



​Lastly, I am too excited about my new semester, starting this Tuesday. It will give me something to do, and hopefully, I can find a job that keeps me feeling genuinely fulfilled. Now that I’m done writing this post I feel a whole lot more inspired and enthusiastic for what’s coming next! And i wish that you are too (for yourself I mean, or me if you're just that nice of a person!) Have a wonderful 2019 everyone!


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